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Short prom dresses 2011 offer a sure fun way to put some fun in your formal event whether it is a prom, homecoming, sweet sixteen, graduation, and a semi-formal banquet. Short prom dresses are elegant, classy, chic, glamorous, and sexy.

There are many different bodice styles available to flatter different body shapes and they come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personal preference. Just like in a long dress, you can get satin or chiffon, straight or shirred, simple or bows and ruffles. But instead of hiding your legs under layers of material, you can show them off on the dance floor. Short prom dresses can range from below the knee to a super short cut above the knee. Traditionally it is hard to imagine a short prom dress being elegant enough for prom, but with all of the beautiful styles available, it is hard to imagine prom with any other dress. Short prom dresses are fun and sassy while still being elegant and glamorous. Strapless formal gowns, sleeveless gowns, and gowns with spaghetti straps are all striking styles from which to choose. Halter style, v-neck, and sweetheart necklines can compliment different body shapes while adornment is varied to suit your taste. Pleats, shirring, fringe, rosettes, bows, and sashes can adorn your short prom dress, giving you the same look as a more traditional floor length prom dress without the length. The length can vary on short prom dresses. You can try a dress that plays with balance, offsetting one long side and one short side, or your short prom dress can mirror a sheath dress that ends above your knees instead of at your ankles. Do you want straight and simple or flair and flounce? Your short prom dress can be cut above your knees, but it doesn’t have to sit there. Pleats, fringe, and ruffles can give some bounce and motion to your dress while mesh nettings and tulle skirts can give your short prom dress a traditional ball gown look and feel.
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