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Graduation Dresses

Whether youíre graduating from grade school, high school, or college, you will need a graduation dress to wear under your gown. Gowns typically come to just below the knees or to tea length (which is roughly your shin) and they fit everyone a little differently. You need to be sure that your graduation dress is shorter than your gown so that you can wear it discreetly underneath. For this reason, either wait to buy your dress until you actually have your gown in hand or buy a graduation dress that is short enough and comes above your knees.

The majority of graduation gowns are black, although some are white and others may contain the colors of the school. If your gown is black then you most likely do not need to worry about the color of your graduation dress clashing. If your gown is white or a light color, then you may want to make sure that a dark graduation dress will still be discreet under the gown. A white gown with bold red and purple polka dots shining through in the sunlight may present a distraction from your walk of honor to receive your diploma! Your shoes should coordinate with your gown rather than your graduation dress, so you may want an alternate pair to wear for your graduation party. Since most graduation gowns are black and black dress shoes go with virtually any dress, you may decide on just the one pair. However, if you have your heart set on matching red shoes, you can always slip off the black heels and strap on the red ones after you have tossed your cap in the air. Everyone participating in your graduation ceremony understands that this momentous event deserves solemn respect. Wear your graduation cap and gown with pride and go forward with joy to accept the diploma you earned. After the seriousness of the ceremony is over, you can take off your graduation gown and celebrate with family and friends however you choose. Your graduation dress will be perfect for a gathering at a family memberís house, lunch at a restaurant, or a party at a banquet hall, so no matter how you celebrate you will be dressed in style.
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