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Prom Accessories that Add Dazzle to Your Dress

Adding accessories to your prom dress is a perfect way to assure that you will shine on the dance floor. Accessories can add the dramatic effect needed to transform you from Plain Jane to Dazzling Diva. You can easily spice up your prom gown with a sparkling choker and matching earrings, or trendy gloves and a shawl. Want to perfect the ideal prom ensemble that will make you stand out in a crowd? Then follow these few prom tips to turn your boring prom gown into a fashion masterpiece!

Prom Tips for Selecting the Ultimate Accessories

No prom ensemble is complete without the most fundamental accessory; a perfect pair of shoes. There are a couple of prom tips to remember when choosing the ultimate pair of prom perfection. Prom shoes are available in several styles, and are designed to compliment any dress. Some of the most favored shoe styles include open toe, pump, sandal, and the increasingly popular stiletto heel. Here is another crucial prom tip: when choosing a pair of prom shoes, remember to take the design and color of your dress into consideration. If you are wearing one of the trendy flared dresses, closed toed shoes with straps and a medium heel are a perfect choice. Wearing a princess-style ball gown? Then open or close toe sandals are the ideal selection. A combination of elegance and simplicity, these shoes will make you feel like royalty! If you are unable to find a color to match your dress, never fear! Dye-able prom shoes can be dyed to match the exact color of any prom dress.

Gloves and shawls are predicted to be a huge accessory for the Prom 2008 season. With celebrity-inspired styles all the rage, these trendy accessories can perfect your look. Strapless prom dresses will look fabulous with an elegant shawl, and long satin or lace gloves. Shawls can be worn either around the neck, or loosely draped around the upper arms. One of the best prom tips to remember: a shawl is great for girls who want to hide unflattering arms or conceal a large chest. For a look of simplicity and elegance, both shawl and gloves should match your prom gown.

Prom Tips for Finding Jewels to Make You Dazzle

Jewelry is a great way to accent your prom gown, and add to the overall beauty and elegance of the look. There are a few prom tips that you should keep in mind when searching for jewels to adorn your dress. Always keep your jewelry basic, but elegant. The goal is the accentuate the beauty of the dress, as well as, your physical features, not overwhelm them. When choosing jewelry for your dress, be sure to carefully consider the color. Prom dress trends for 2008 ranges from pastels and earth tones to metallics and silver. Simple gold or silver jewelry can easily add pizzazz to a subtle soft pink dress, while also accenting its natural beauty.

Also take into consideration the design of your dress. The strapless gown is predicted to be a big hit for Prom 2008. An ideal choice for this time of gown would be a choker necklace. Small earrings and a bangle bracelet complete this charming ensemble. One of the most essential prom tips to remember is that accessories should compliment you, and not take away from your overall look.


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